A Guide for First Time Movers


Moving home can be a very stressful experience, especially when it’s your first time dealing with a big move, but with a little planning it can all run very smoothly. The date and time on which you move are generally within your control, although choosing a less popular date might be a good idea. Consider moving mid-week, and avoid peak times such as holidays and the end of school terms.

A Month to Go…

Book your removals firm. Using a professional, reliable firm, such as Gallagher’s Removals, can save you a lot of stress and hard work. Get several quotes, and check what is included in the fee. Be sure that you understand their contract insurance, as well as the terms of your own home insurance.

Start packing and make a full inventory of everything you will be taking with you as you go – print a copy for yourself and one for the removals firm.

Moving out of your family home for the first time is daunting, but you shouldn’t need to worry about utilities companies. You will need to notify the Post Office, however, so they can redirect your mail.

Moving Day

Do a final check of the property to make sure that you haven’t left anything behind, though if you are leaving a family home, chances are you’ll be able to go back for anything you forget!

Make things as easy as possible and pack yourself a survival kit that includes a kettle for tea or coffee, and milk and/or sugar. Don’t forget the mugs! Having other crockery and cutlery to hand will also be useful, and some basic food such as bread and butter, or just a packet of biscuits.

Once you arrive, get the basics sorted first; allocate boxes to rooms, and make up your bed. After that, it doesn’t matter if you do nothing else but check out the local takeaway and enjoy your new home!