A quick run down to the benefits of storage

We’re keen to make your moving process as swift and painless as possible. In order to do so we offer competitive storage facilities to our customers. Here is a quick run down to the benefits of storing your personal belongings with us.

1. Saves you time

As our staff only handle your belongings twice instead of four this will save the time it takes to move your personal belongings to where you want them to be.

2. Saves you money

If you use this method it means that we also save time by handling your stuff less which saves you money.

3. Rooms of all sizes

We provide containers of all sizes to suit your belongings. This method means that you don’t need to panic about what you want to put in storage and we have different sized containers for it.

4. Keeps your personal belongings safe

It’s a secure way of keeping your items safe from being stolen or damaged. It puts your mind at rest as the last thing you want is anything to happen to your belongings in the process of moving. It’s stressful as it is!

5. Only 7.50 per week per container

This is what we offer as our pricing which is very competitive. It also refers back to you saving money by going with us instead of another company.