Are you Ready to Move in with your Partner?

The decision to live together is a significant milestone for many couples. Timing is crucial for such a critical move and there can be certain indicators that you are both ready to take the plunge.


One of the primary factors in this scenario is the ability to communicate with your partner. This will mean the nature of the relationship is clear to both of you and you should have met each other’s friends and family. There will have been discussion about your future, and this should align; for example, you both want (or not) to get married at some point.

Vital when considering moving in together is to have discussed finances, particularly as money can be a minefield in relationships. These chats should include not only your individual financial situations but also how joint expenses will be managed (such as rent and bills).

However, if communication is open, you are both settled in the relationship and understand how the finances will work, then moving in together can be a really exciting time. Looking for a home together and making decisions about furniture or decoration can be a lot of fun. There can be elements of stress, so it is wise to plan ahead to alleviate the effects of this. For example, the moving day itself can feel fraught so consider using a reputable removals firm, such as Gallagher’s Removals.

Once the move is complete, the benefits will become even more apparent. Coming home to your significant other is a continuing pleasure. Curling up on the sofa and having a cuddle can make any home feel cosy and comforting. If you like to cook then creating a meal with or for your partner is wonderful. However you finally reach the decision to live together, make sure you appreciate every part of it when you do. Happy moving!