Best De-Cluttering Tips

Clutter has a way of building up. Before you know it, you’ve got junk mail piling up on your surfaces, bookcases overflowing and shoes scattered about. Research shows that a cluttered home not only makes it harder to find things, but it also makes it harder to think clearly. As the popular saying goes ‘tidy house tidy mind’.

Take it a room at a time with a place for everything and everything it its place

The key to not getting overwhelmed by the decluttering process is to take it nice and steady, in manageable chunks, one room at a time. Once one area is neat and tidy you will feel better motivated to tackle the rest of your living space. One of the top ways to reduce household clutter is ensuring that all items have a designated place where they belong.

You might like to consider getting a holder for your keys, storage boxes for children’s toys and reorganising shelves or cupboards so there are dedicates spaces for specific items.

Take inspiration from the KonMari Method

It is easy to accumulate far more than we use or need. You may find yourself with a home full of clothes you no longer wear, toys your children no longer play with or more books than can reasonably fit into your bookcase. To fully declutter you must take a hard-line approach to your possessions, ruthlessly donating or selling items that are no longer useful or beloved.

Decluttering is also particularly useful before a house move. You don’t want to be simply transferring boxes of clutter from one home to the next. Discarding unneeded items will streamline your possessions and may cut down on your removal costs.

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