Is there a Best Time to Move House?

Moving house is undoubtedly stressful. It would be great to know that the time of year you move can affect the move itself, but sadly there is never a good time to move in terms of stress levels. Planning ahead is the best way to alleviate anxiety, whatever the time of year; thankfully, there are several things you can do ahead of moving day to minimise issues on the day.

New Start

Many see the new year as a great time to reset and start afresh; for these people, a January date might suit them best. Consider when in January you want to move – towards the end of the month might not quite fit the ‘new year’ theme as closely, although it does mean you are less likely to spend your Christmas all packed up waiting for the big day.

At the other end of the journey, some see Christmas as the goal – be in and unpacked in time for the festive season. Spending your first Christmas in your new home will be special, however long you have waited. Bear in mind that Christmas can be a stressful time in itself, so throwing in a house move might not help. You will need to be super-organised to pull off the move – drinks, parties, catching up with friends and family, and everything else that goes on in December.

Summer Months

Jump ahead six months and the summer can be a good option, although having your children off school could either be a help or a hindrance. Moving in the heat can also be an issue, enhancing tiredness and risking dehydration.

All things considered, spring or autumn might be better options, with more temperate weather and fewer holidays. If having the children around is important, there are always half terms and Easter.

In short, there is no magic formula for a flawless house move; instead, the key is self-awareness and planning accordingly, and perhaps employing a professional removals firm, such as Gallagher’s Removals.