Best Ways to Organise your Home

It’s always frustrating when you’re trying to find something to finish off a small task and then you have to spend hours looking for the thing that means you can’t get the job finished. It’s easy to keep your home organised if you have a space for everything and know exactly where to find it. Here are two quick and easy tips you can follow to make sure your house is kept tidy and organised so you always know where to find things and everything looks clean and orderly.


It’s too easy to keep hold of things thinking it may come in handy one day. The problem with this is that all of the things that may come in handy are stopping you from finding the very thing you do actually need. Make it a regular habit to declutter your space, if it hasn’t been used all year, chances are you really don’t need to keep it.

Storage Space

Use your storage space well and decide where the best places are to keep relevant things. Using labelled boxes is a great way of making sure everyone in the house knows where things are kept and set some ground rules that things should be returned to their proper storage space once they’ve been used and finished with.

Plan your storage areas well. Some things have awkward shapes and need a tall thin space, such as ironing boards, brooms and mops, and you’ll also need to keep these close to where they’re used most or you’ll spend a lot of time simply carrying things around. It’s much more satisfying to look in cupboards and storage areas and see at a glance where everything is rather than put off doing tasks because you know you need to find something and don’t know where to start looking!