Creating a Moving Expenses Plan

Moving home is often an extremely expensive time and can be a stressful one too. By reducing your outgoings, you will not only save money but will decrease the amount of stress you are under as your budget stays under control, so to make sure you don’t over spend, create a moving expenses plan!

With so many large expenses to deal with, it is easy to lose track of the smaller expenditures during this demanding time and end up spending more than you need to. Here are some pointers that should help you create a moving expenses plan, to stay organised and keep your costs to a minimum.

Sort through your possessions and get rid of any unwanted items. This will reduce the number of things you need to move and therefore reduce your removal costs. It also makes packing easier, but be warned, this can be a very nostalgic time so ensure you give yourself plenty of time to complete this mammoth task. Any desirable but unwanted items can be sold for extra cash.

Compare Quotes

During a move there are many costs involved such as a house survey, conveyancing solicitors and removal companies that you can compare quotes for. This will allow you to find companies offering great value for money.

Book Removal Services as Early as Possible

Many companies charge you more the later you leave it, so book your moving services as far ahead as possible to ensure the best price.

Create a moving checklist that covers all aspects of moving house. This advanced planning will help keep you on track with your budget. Staying organised will ensure everything is packed and prepared when moving day arrives, reducing the risk of having to pay premium prices for any last minute changes or delays.

Always consider asking friends and family for help for any aspects of the house move. Doing your own dismantling of furniture or packing will save you money on the removals. Save money on professional cleaners by doing it yourself or with friends.