Essential Tips for Moving to Newcastle

Moving to another city can be stressful and exciting all at once. If you’re moving to Newcastle, then you’re probably looking forward to learning more about this great city’s industrial heritage, the wonderful Geordie sense of humour, and exploring the wide range of nightlife. But first, there’s the move to get through.

Plan ahead

At least a month before your move, it’s a good idea to start going through your things and deciding what you can easily pack now, what you can get rid of or donate to charity, and what is simply worn out and needs to be disposed of. This is also a good time to book a removals company if you have decided to use one, as you can make sure you can lock them in for the date and time that is most convenient for you. If you’re moving to Newcastle, it makes sense to choose a company based there, as the staff will probably know the city better than you do.

This is also an excellent time to notify utilities of your move and organise final bills. If you have pets, then you may want to think about how they’ll be cared for during the transition.

The final countdown

So, your new life in Newcastle will begin in around a fortnight. If you haven’t already packed items such as books, and clothes you don’t need this season, then get that done. Start thinking about everything that can be packed leading up to the move, and the essentials you will need to pack on the day. You will want to label boxes clearly so you know where to find towels or saucepans at your new address. This is the time to get a mail redirection from the Post Office and notify your GP that you’re moving, and even look into registering with a new practice.

Being organised reduces stress. If you need any practical assistance with your move, we’re here to help.