First Time Buyers Guide

Buying your first home is an exciting time, but it can also be challenging. Not only are you moving, but you also have to navigate property buying, arranging a mortgage and home ownership for the first time and there can be a steep learning curve involved. Here are just a couple of the many to consider when you’re buying your first home.

Finding the Right Home and Making an Offer

As well as looking around the inside, take a couple of visits to the street at different times of the day to understand what the area is like which can be quite different if you are near a school or while residents are out at work.

We’re not used to haggling here in the UK, but buying a home is one time where you’ll need to step out of that comfort zone a little to make sure you get the best value. When looking at the property you want to buy, think about any repairs or changes that will be needed and take those into account when you put in your offer – you can always increase if the buyer says no!

Approaching Moving Day

Once your offer is accepted, the process goes into the hands of solicitors or conveyancers who exchange information and coordinate the sale process. Depending on the length of the chain, this can be a simple or complicated process, but your solicitor or conveyancer should make sure that things keep moving for you. If they don’t, chase them up!

Your estate agent will tell you when you can pick up the keys, and then you can move into your new home. Call in favours to get help moving, as many hands really do make light work. If you’re considering professional movers, please give us a call for a competitive quote!