Hiring Movers vs Moving Yourself

You’ve bought your new house, signed all the contracts, sorted the mortgage and now you need to start and plan the logistics of the big move.

One of the biggest questions you face is whether to hire a removal firm or do it yourself. While moving yourself might, at first glance, seem like the cheapest option, is it really the best choice for you? Do you have the time, and frankly the energy, to move yourself? And once the costs of packing materials, van hire and replacing broken items start to mount up, is it really the most cost-effective route?

What are the Benefits of Using a Removal Firm?

Firstly, and possibly most importantly, experience counts. Removal firms move people on a daily basis and they can pack up a room in no time. They have the right packing materials and boxes, which allow them to maximise the space in the back of their vehicles, reducing the number of trips.

Most removal firms, like Gallagher’s of Newcastle, offer a variety of services that you can choose from. They can pack up the entire contents of the house as well as move it to your new home. or you can do some or all of the packing yourself and simply have them load up the van and transport it all to your new property. Generally, firms will also supply you with appropriate packing materials, whichever service you choose, and you can simply wait at your new house ready to unpack your belongings and make it into a home.

If you choose to do it all yourself, you will need to buy or source packing materials and a van, then pack up all your belongings, make multiple trips between properties and have the van back before the hire time runs out. Once you’ve done all that, you still have to unpack at the other end. So which option sounds most attractive now?