Home Removals With Kids

The moving period can be both exciting and terrifying for both parents and children alike. There is the chance that you might find it that bit more stressful with kids about when you need to pack and plan for your big move. This can be avoided by taking a few more precautionary steps to avoid disruption.


If you are preparing to move during the school period then take the opportunity to get packing done during school hours. It gives you the time to get stuff done before the kids come home.

If this is unavoidable then you could always recruit them to pack up small things like their toys. Just keep a close eye on them or you might find they have decided to do something a tad more interesting!


Make extra effort to get everyone prepared before departing and keep an eye on them. What with boxes being moved and removal vans around incidents can happen. To avoid this potentially get them in the car and distracted by a book or a game whilst things are being moved.

During the journey you want to be focused on driving to your new home so a good tip would be to provide some entertainment. You could put some music on or as mentioned give them a book or game to keep them happy. Depending on how long your journey is you might want to have some snacks or drinks prepared for when you or your kids get a bit peckish.


Again you can ensure they help by unpacking their things in their new room. You might want to let them explore the house (supervised of course) because after all they will be living there. It’s also good for keeping them out the way whilst you unpack the larger things.