Home Removals With Pets

As we all know moving home is a pretty stressful experience, moving home with pets can make the experience all the more stressful. However by following a few simple steps and planning ahead of time you can reduce the stress on both yourself and your pets when moving home.


Cats and dogs are going to be the main focus of caring for your pets before and during the move. They can become quite distraught during a move as they can suffer travel sickness. If you get in touch with your vet they can supply medication to help your pets cope with this. Get their microchips updated with the new address too while you’re their.

On moving day your home will have many new and strange people coming in and out on a regular basis. We’re animal lovers at heart and get on well with creatures big and small, but to help reduce this stress on your animals maybe book them into a kennel or cattery or arrange for them to take a few days holiday with a friend or relative. This is the most ideal preparation to take as it means your pet isn’t freaked out by new people, the rapid change of scenery, and you can focus on the move without having to worry about your pet as well.

Make sure collars for your pets are updated ahead of the move too, if your animal goes for a reenactment of Homeward Bound it’s no good if their tag will have them returned to an empty home.


With small animals such as hamsters and rabbits a secure cardboard box with plenty of bedding should keep them happy during their travels, just make sure the box is well marked or we might accidentally pack it along with all your other belongings!

If you’ve already arranged for your cat or dog to stay elsewhere then this part should be much simpler. If however you’re keeping them around on the day of your move make sure they’re still in your home until you’re ready to leave for good. If your cat has taken a walk around the neighbourhood it can add considerable time to the move to have to go looking for them.


If your pet is staying with someone during your move consider having them over for a few extra days to allow you to unpack and get your new home filled with the familiar scents of yourself and your belongings. Once your pets are home keep cats within your home for at least 24 hours. If you’ve a dog make sure all the fences and gates to your garden are secure and well built or they’ll make light work of a quick dash out. Smaller pets will be much easier to adjust to the new home assuming you’ve for the same hutch or cage.