How Safe Are Storage Units?


Read on as we explain how your possessions will stay in safe hands while in storage.

Safe from Theft & Damage

Many people worry that their goods will not be safe from theft in storage units, but your possessions will be just as safe, if not more safe, than at home. A good storage unit will always have CCTV, as well as excellent security on site. Many customers also worry about their treasured possessions being safe from damage. Damage to possessions might occur from various sources, such as fire, flood, heat or cold. Sealed units are less likely to suffer from extreme heat, cold or floods, so ensure that these are offered by your chosen storage provider. Units should also be raised off the ground to prevent flood damage. Your chosen storage firm should offer comprehensive insurance, which means that should the unexpected happen, your goods will be covered.

Added Services

Many customers find that their goods are most at risk from damage during the transit from their home to the storage unit and back again. However, this risk can be avoided by choosing a firm such as Gallagher’s, for example, as items are stored in sealed crates, which will be filled directly at your address. The containers are then sealed before being safely transported to the storage unit, and can also be easily returned to your address whenever you want your items back. This means that your goods are only handled twice, rather than the more usual four times, which not only lowers the risk of damage but also saves both time and money.

Storage units are a safe way to store your belongings, and are often more safe than in your own home, thanks to the crates being sealed and protected from theft and damage, as well as being covered by adequate insurance.