How Storage Services Work

If you’re short of storage space at home, considering a house move, looking for some temporary storage space while you renovate, or simply looking to keep some of your non-essential personal or work items off site, then storage services can offer the solution that you need.

What are Storage Services?

There are a wide range of different storage services available across the UK, with services designed around customers’ varied needs. One of the most cost-efficient and secure type of services uses large wooden, secure containers. These are filled with the customers’ items for storage, and then placed securely into the storage warehouse. These types of containers are ideal for storing items such as furniture, rugs, books, outgrown family items, garden equipment, seasonal sporting equipment and plenty of other item types.

The warehouse itself will be maintained securely with CCTV, and other security measures such as round the clock human security. It will be a robust facility which ensures that storage containers are kept clean and dry, and not subject to extremes of temperature. The warehouse can only be accessed by authorised personnel and is managed using cutting-edge logistics processes and technology.

This type of storage is extremely flexible, with different size containers available and storage offered for timescales that suit your needs. Most things can be stored without a problem, but there will be some restrictions, such as on perishable goods, chemicals and other hazardous materials, plants and – of course – animals! Your storage provider will give you full details and explain how your container should be packed and prepared.

Find Out More

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