How to Choose a Removals Company

A DIY move or a man with a van can seem cost-effective if you’ve got very little to move. However, it’s often a shock to people to realise how much they’ve accumulated. It may take many trips rather than just one or two. Opting to hire a professional removals company is usually the best option.

The earlier you can approach removals companies, the more likely they will be free on the day required. The more choices of removals company you have, the better your chances of finding the right removals company for you.

Research is Key

One of the best ways to ensure that the removals company is reputable is to check that they have a company address and a landline.

Invite removals companies around to do a home moving survey, to go through any specific issues, to discuss their packing service, and to ask if they can dismantle your bed or disconnect your washing machine, for example, at your current property and at the new property. A good firm will give you a clear price and they’ll stick to this, even if they encounter any problems

Ensure that all the quotes you get are comparable. It will be impossible to try and compare if your quotes are based on different criteria.

A lot of removals companies will pack for you if you require. If you don’t want this service, ask if they can provide boxes which you can return.

Before hiring a removals company, you should research and read any reviews or testimonials. Ask friends and family who have moved recently. If moving within your local area, a local removals firm, like Gallagher’s Removals, would be ideal.

Making sure the company has a comprehensive insurance policy is essential. This will mean that anything that is damaged in transit will be covered and your property will be safe and secure whilst it’s being moved to your new home.