How to Downsize when Moving into a Smaller Home

When you’ve found your perfect home but it is a little more compact than your current one, you’ll need to make some necessary but potentially tough decisions about what comes with you. We know that sounds a little daunting so we’ve come up with some handy hints to get you started.

Do you really need it? When did you last look at it?

Start with being ruthlessly practical first. Go through your belongings and put a sticker on the items that you actually need. Things that you use daily, or at least monthly, that will be of use to you in your new home. These are the things that really should all come with you.

Moving on to the rest of your items, think about when you last looked at an item or used it. Was it within the last year? If it was, decide if that item should have a sticker as something you really need. If not, then it’s time to give some serious thought to how much that item means to you and whether you are ever actually likely to use it again.

That bullet juicer you bought in the January sales three years ago? The DVD boxset of your favourite show from 2010? It’s time for the last step.

Does it add value to your life?

As you look at each item, consider how you really feel about it? If you absolutely cannot bear to part with it due to its importance, then add it to the essentials pile and give our team here at Gallagher’s a call. We will handle it carefully and gently as we pack it and move it to your new home along with all your essentials.

Everything that’s left can add value to your bank balance instead. Put it up for sale via Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay and put the pounds you earn towards something you really want for your new home.