How to Make Moving Offices Run Smoothly

Perhaps you’re growing your team and have filled your current space, or you’ve found a way to reduce your overheads and streamline your processes by downsizing. Either way, moving office can be a stressful time for any business owner.

Any upheaval and change risks interrupting your business and affecting profits or leaving a customer in limbo. Planning ahead will ensure that your office move is as smooth as possible.


Every Project Needs a Project Manager

Whether you take on the role yourself, or delegate the task to a trusted lieutenant, the way in which the move will impact every department of your business will need to be considered. Leave no stone unturned and ask for contributions from every team member so this is a team effort. Simple tasks such as clearing out unnecessary items and asking everyone to help deal with shared spaces really helps to focus on the priorities.

Targets and milestones will also help to keep everyone on track. Speak to external and internal stakeholders to ensure the moving dates are realistic and designed to have minimal impact on your customers.

You will also need to ensure that your old office is left in the right way. Adhere to the terms of your contract, keep suppliers updated and minimise disruption to your soon-to-be old neighbours.

Help is Available

Clearly, moving offices can be a huge task and can take up precious time. Many business owners see the value in choosing a trusted experienced removal company to take away the stress and to ensure that everything is done safely and in a timely fashion.

No doubt there are valuable assets involved in your office move and your insurance provider might not cover everything during a move, but moving specialists Gallagher’s Removals are fully covered. And, if your new office isn’t ready to move in to straight away, you can also take advantage of our storage services.