How to Move Out of Your Parent’s House

Taking that first step into independence can be scary. It’s a huge emotional and financial change, and you’ll want it to go as smoothly and easily as possible. Here are our top tips on how to successfully move out of your parents’ home.

Preparing to Move

Talk through your move with your parents, first. There are very few issues that won’t benefit from talking about. Not only is it unfair to simply move out without them knowing, but it’s best to get their ideas and advice before you start looking for a place. After all, they moved out at some point too; they’ve done it all before.

Do you know how much money you spend in a month? Do you know how much is coming in? It can be a chore but work out exactly your income and your average spending to draw up a monthly budget. Determine how much goes out every month and remember to factor in the costs of rent, utilities, and food. You can help this by saving up every penny that you can before your scheduled move out date; you’ll probably run into a lot of unexpected costs.

And before you move out, try practising already living on your own. You might find out that you rely on your parents more than you know. So, commit to cooking all your own meals, doing your own housework, washing your own laundry, and sticking to your own budget.

Once you’re Moving

You should make sure to change your address – for everything! Set up a simple postal redirection to your new home and then make a list of everywhere that might require your new address: driving license, passport office, bank, financial, HMRC; everyone who might need to know where you are.

When your moving day finally comes, it’s best to enlist the help of professional movers. Our friendly team at Gallaghers Removals will ensure a smooth transition from your old home to your new home.