How to Pack for Moving House

If you want your move to run smoothly on the day, you need to get the groundwork done in advance. Be patient, plan ahead and it won’t feel quite so overwhelming when it comes to the big day. Be realistic about the size of the task and how long you will need to pack everything.

Make a list

Have a sort out as soon as you know you are moving so you don’t take anything you no longer want or need with you. Once you know what you want to take, you can order boxes, bubble wrap, labels and other packing supplies in advance. Of course, you do not have to buy new boxes and you might prefer to reuse boxes you have or pick up some cardboard boxes from your local supermarket. Just make sure they are strong enough to hold whatever you pack into them.

Label boxes clearly so there is no confusion, and so you do not take with you anything you have decided to get rid of. Boxes of clothes going to a charity shop should ideally be gone long before moving day, but either way, be sure they have a clear label that is easy to read.

Pay attention to valuables and fragile items, and wrap them especially carefully. Label them as fragile so they are treated with extra care.

Have an essentials box

This is the last box to leave the house, and the first box to be opened when you arrive. It should contain everything you might need if you touched nothing else for the first few days. You might want to have the family’s sleepwear and toiletries in a bag separately, so the essentials box is things like your kettle, tea, cutlery, handwash etc.

Get friends and family to help, or consider hiring a professional service who will do all the hard work for you.