How to Unpack after Moving House

When you move into a new home, the task of unpacking all the boxes and suitcases after your removals firm has moved them into your new rooms can be significant. In fact, it can seem as though the process of moving to a new house has lasted for weeks on end.

But unpacking doesn’t have to be such a pain if you have a plan and follow some of these top tips.

If you are moving pets as well as your belongings into your new home, make sure you’ve put them in a safe, secure space with food, water and toys while you unpack the most urgent belongings. They need to get used to their new home and you don’t want to risk them escaping if they panic in a new space.

Make an Unpacking Plan

It’s up to you how long it takes to unpack when you move into your new home. Once your movers have left your belongings in the correct rooms, you can schedule a plan over the first few days or weeks.

Prepare a box of cleaning products and know where they are so that you can access them in order to clean before unpacking your most important items.

Next, open essentials boxes; items such as toilet paper, snacks, pyjamas and fresh clothes, a kettle, tea bags and mugs and your toothbrushes. At the very least, if you unpack nothing but these boxes on the first night, you’ll survive!

Then open bathroom and kitchen priority boxes. Bathroom unpacking is fairly easy as there shouldn’t be too much furniture involved so it’s a good place to start and will give you a sense of unpacking accomplishment.

Kitchen unpacking is, of course, important because food may be perishable, and you’ll need to eat and drink as you tackle unpacking the remainder of your possessions.

You can rely on us to help you plan your move, from packing to storage. Why not contact us for further information.