How Long Does Moving Home Take?

Moving home is a process that many dread, and for good reason; not only is everything you own packed into boxes, but everything can seem out of place and in limbo, making you wonder if you’ll ever be able to settle back into regular life again.

But there is a strategy that can drastically reduce the time it takes to move home: preparation and planning. When these two elements in place, the stress and frustration of moving home can be completely eliminated.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better
When choosing a removal firm, cost shouldn’t be a deciding factor. The money you save on a cheap company may end up costing you in other ways. Instead, consider the risks involved with moving home, and then ask every company whether they have references and enquire about their years of experience.

Make a List of Those Who Need Your New Address
Although you may not think about it until after you’ve moved, waiting until then to change your address with banks, employers, share providers and the like can quickly cause chaos. If you don’t have the time to notify each company individually, you can always opt for redirection via Royal Mail. There are also many resources available which will allow you to change your address with several companies with a single form.

Pack a ‘First Day’ Box
What will you need on the first day in your new home? Items like towels, soap, tea, kettle, dishes and similar necessities should be packed into one or two boxes and then placed in an easily-accessible area. That way, you don’t have to begin the first day in your new home with a frustrating search for the items you need.

Get the Facts
Before you move, visit your new neighbourhood and speak with your neighbours regarding the details about such things as tradesmen, rubbish collection and recycling and similar. This can save you a lot of wasted time when you finally do move in.

The time it takes to move home can vary from person to person. But the above tips can greatly reduce the length of the entire process.