Moving Business Premises

There may come a time when you find you have outgrown your business premises – maybe you can afford to relocate to a better area or a more prominent position in a busy shopping street or centre. It may be that you need more space to cope with the increased amount of stock or customers you are attracting. It is an exciting prospect but the logistics need to be right to ensure a smooth transition while moving business premises.

Make a Plan

You’ll need to move quickly because you don’t want to be shut for long, if at all. You could make moving business premises an overnight job or over the weekend so you do not lose trading time. This could mean organising a sale to reduce the amount of stock you need to take with you.

Make sure everything is written down in a water-tight plan. This would include making sure you have told all the utility companies about the move so they can send a final bill. Then make sure the new premises have bills switched to your name plus WiFi and phones are up-and-running. You’ll also need to set up postal redirections so letters will be forwarded to your new store.

It is wise to put everything on to a spreadsheet to share with employees in Google Docs. The duties can be broken down into categories along with the names of who is responsible for each task. This could cover everything from packing up the back office to making sure the new address is put on to the website. Also, don’t forget to get stationery printed with your new address.

Making Your Move

You’ll need to get quotes from professional removal firms to ensure a smooth move. About a week before your move date, ask them to deliver crates and boxes so you can start packing items ahead of time. Make sure these boxes are clearly marked with what they contain and where they need to go.