Moving During the Winter Period

While it would be great to move during the glowing days of summer with blue skies above that’s not always possible and moving house happens throughout the year. So what is to be taken into account when moving during the chilly months?

One of the first steps is toe be taken during the packing stage. Making sure that all water sensitive items are adequately and properly boxed. A strong cardboard box is the go to storage item, and can keep light rain at bay but it’s not enough for assurances that delicate items won’t be harmed. Bin bags create a quick and handy waterproof layer between items such as books, photographs, etc and the outside elements. If possible source some strong purpose built plastic boxes, these usually come with locking lids that help create a seal to keep out rain and snow.

If the move is on an icy day make sure that a pathway from your home to the removals van is cleared. Use grit or a shovel to make sure that all ice and snow is removed. Snow at first might not seem dangerous but after several trips it becomes compacted and slippy. Making sure a path is cleared helps stop any accidents from happening that would damage movers and packages alike. While not paramount hot drinks at hand help keep the cold at bay too while moving boxes from your home to the van in the piercing cold.

Postponing a move during the winter months can also be an option. Keeping your items at our storage facility then moving them to your new home when the weather clears. This way you can move from your current location, taking the essentials, and be a bit more flexible with your moving arrangements.

As always the usual moving advice applies.