Moving into Student Accommodation

Moving to University is one of the biggest changes in your life. Not only are you heading into the whirlwind of a new social and academic world, but it may also be the first time you’ve ever had to look after yourself in any serious sense.

In your enthusiasm to make this major life change, don’t neglect the practicalities. You’ve probably got your accommodation all sorted, but that’s when the real work begins, because whether you’re moving to halls of residence or into a house-share, what you’re really doing is creating a new home.


So don’t forget to check what’s already provided, such as lamps or kitchen appliances. Then make sure you’ve thought of any essentials that aren’t taken care of – yes, they’ll have shops in your new town, but instead of making new friends, you don’t want to spend those precious first days buying bedlinen, towels, first aid kits, cutlery, crockery, ovenware and glasses.

You should make sure your kitchen and bathroom are kitted out with everything you’ll need. But just as important are your electronics, including adapter plugs, extension leads, chargers and speakers. Maybe you’ve got your own TV but don’t forget you’ll need a licence in a rented house, and it’s also worth checking whether college rooms are covered by a group licence.

Fending for yourself means you’ll need some basic tools like a multi-head screw-driver and an LED torch. Also, to make your place homely don’t forget photos, pictures (plus blue-tac) and a few prized items to personalise your space. And don’t neglect your study needs: stationery, diary, calendar, files, documents and correspondence.

To make it truly painless, why not use a professional, sympathetic removal service like Gallagher’s? Our final piece of advice is this: pack intelligently and pack light. Be thoroughly prepared and you’ll enjoy the time of your life. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.