Getting your Kids Ready for the Big Move


It’s well known that moving with kids can be one of the most stressful times in our lives. Whilst you can’t stop them feeling disturbed by the whole event, there are some things you can do to help ease them through the experience.

The key is to avoid them feeling helpless and powerless right from the start. For all children, giving them plenty of notice about the move allows them the time to process the news and adjust to what is happening.

For older children, you may decide to allow them some input in the initial stages, deciding what you all are looking for in the new property, or taking them with you on property viewings. Even just taking plenty of pictures to show them their new home should help them to visualise where they will soon be living.

For toddlers and younger children, the important thing is to calmly explain about the move and answer any questions they may have. Concentrate on telling them not only the things that will change, but all the things that will stay the same, such as toys and furniture that will move with you.

Letting Go of Your Old Home

For all ages there will be some level of disturbance, but the key is to minimise the impact on children. Allow them time to say goodbye to your old place – some children might like to make a scrapbook or take photographs, perhaps spend some time as a family saying what your favourite memory of your old home was and the thing you are looking forward to most when you are living in your new place.

Finally, by choosing an experienced, reliable, moving company like Gallagher’s Removals, you can help make moving with kids as easy and stress free as possible for your whole family.