Moving Your Address

When moving home you can pack your belongings into boxes and take them with you, but your post is not always going to know you’ve gone. So to make a house move easier we’ve compiled a list of some of the places to keep in mind when moving home and who to notify.


Probably one of the simplest all in one solutions. Starting from £21 the Royal Mail Redirection service will have your old mail diverted to your new address meaning you can focus on the move itself and start transitioning your post to new addresses once you’re settled in.


Probably the most important post to have changed is that from your bank. A missed statement or card can have big consequences, as they say money makes the world go round. You can potentially change your personal details through your banks online banking portal, however if not a visit to a local branch should allow you to get everything set up for when you move. For bills, utility bills will be changed when you move house anyway, though make sure to alert current providers of your upcoming move. For other recurring bills make a list of all the bills you usually receive and contact each one with your new address.


If you have a subscription to a magazine then these should also be diverted through the Redirection service, however if not then just with the bills make a list of all the subscriptions you currently receive and contact each one to change your details. Many are ordered online these days so you may have an account you’ll be able to change your personal details on.


This can be the simplest to get changed, with many people on Facebook these days a status post with your new address and move should alert most people to your new address, just make sure that this is only posted to “Friends” and not “Public” on Facebook, otherwise it could highlight to some people there there’s an empty property, with exact directions to it!


If you’re a member of a loyalty card scheme then you may be sent points and vouchers too. You should be able to log into an account online and change your personal details there, allowing you to continue to receive your vouchers and points.