Our Quote Calculator

We’ve recently put in an easier way to get you a more accurate free quote!

Our calculator lets you tally up all the things in your house that you want to move over. It’s very handy if you want to total up how much it will cost to move all your personal belongings over. Plus it’s free to use!

To make it easier we’ve split it into the relevant living sections such as “Living rooms” and “Kitchens”. There is even an office section for commercial use.

To use it is easy.

1. Pop in your personal details and where you’re moving from and to.

2. List all the furniture you are wanting to move. We’ve covered a big list of items so you should find everything you want to move on our list.

3. If you require storage or any assembling/disassembling then there is a “Other details” box to be filled out at the bottom.

4. Click send and we will get back to you and discuss your requirements and begin to prepare a quote for you.