Packing Fragile Belongings

When it comes to moving your personal belongings you want to ensure that everything you move gets to its destination in once piece. This is vital for items that are a lot more fragile then others and therefore are at a higher risk of being broken or damaged in the move. To reduce the risk of this happening we have a few pointers which should help you keep your items safe on the way.

Flatten sharp edges

Use prevention measures to make sure that all sharp edges if any are flattened with lots of wrapping to make sure they don’t poke through the packaging or box. This also prevents any other items from being cut or scraped

Make sure the packaging wont tear/boxes wont break

Strong boxes and plenty of wrapping to make sure there will be no tears or that the box wont break at any point in transit. To test this try lifting the box with the item inside and checking how well it holds the weight. If you are uncertain then go for a stronger box instead of taking the risk.

Plenty of materials

The more you use the more you are minimizing any impact damage that could be made to your item on its journey. It better to be safe then sorry when it comes down to your personal belongings so don’t be stingy when it comes to have much material you are using. Materials such as bubble wrap and polystyrene are ideal for padding your items. Make sure that when you tape your package or box that you are using proper tape that is meant for packaging and use lots of it. If you are stingy with the quality of what you use as padding then you might pay the price so its worth your time and effort.

Look for gaps afterwards

Its always good just to double check for any gaps that you may not have covered as an extra precaution. Once you believe you have finished wrapping the item take some time to look it over just to make sure you haven’t left any gaps.

Label as fragile for awareness

It’s not a guarantee that it will be taken into account but it’s best to just in case. Take a black marker or any dark colour and mark your package or the box as fragile in big bold letters.By doing this you are making sure that whoever is handling your item is aware that the contents are fragile and should not be stacked if necessary.

Make sure boxes are completely filled

Stuff the boxes with as much as you need to keep the item in place and to avoid it moving around when in transit. This will keep it from obtaining any damage whilst inside of the box from it bumping around inside.