Planning an Office Relocation


Office relocation can be highly stressful. When we carry out removals for businesses we try to plan in detail beforehand in order to ease any concerns. There are a number of things that a business can do to help ensure a smooth move, so below we have set out our best handy hints:

Plan Ahead

It is essential to know how many employees will be needed at the new location, so work this out and know what furniture and other equipment must be packed. This should help ensure that you do not waste your time or forget to move something of major importance.

Avoid unnecessary work – if you are taking large filing cabinets or drawers to the new location it may be worthwhile considering whether they can be moved with the internal contents in place, or whether they require emptying.

If you are moving photocopiers or printers, contact the companies before hand as they will be able to advise you how best to move the machines. Also remember to take the necessary toners, ink and other chemicals to the new location.

Consider Your Removers

When packing boxes, ensure that they are not too large or heavy to lift. By rule of thumb boxes that are 2 cubic feet in volume or less should be preferred, as individuals can carry this weight without causing themselves an injury. It’s also important to label every single box, and ensure that if the contents are fragile that this is highlighted.

If you are planning on using professional movers for your office relocation, ensure that you thoroughly review their credentials. It is also a good idea to request a comprehensive quote for such a service, which should detail every part of the removals that they intend to carry out on your behalf. This should avoid any confusion when the big removal day itself arrives.

Follow these pointers, and your move will be easier and quicker!