Planning on Moving in Winter?

Moving home during winter can be just as straightforward as in the warmer months by considering a few additional points and taking a little extra time to prepare to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

Winter Challenges

The winter months will, of course, bring wetter days, cold working conditions in an unheated property and sometimes snow and ice.

With wetter, muddier conditions likely on the ground, make sure that you protect your flooring and carpets using a safe method of floor protection such as securely fastened sheeting which is non-slip. Don’t forget to include the stairs as there will be a lot of footsteps up and down on the day of the move.

If it is icy or snowy, make sure that paths are clear in order to avoid any accidents or breakages.

It is always important to protect your possessions and furniture, but in wet weather, in particular, it is of greater importance. Buy some protective wrapping and use sturdy removal boxes. Protect the corners of your wooden furniture.

Prior to moving into your new home in winter, it is worth ensuring that you can turn on the heating upon your arrival and that you are familiar with the controls of the new heating system. It may be possible to negotiate with the previous owners for them to leave the heating on low if they are moving out of the property shortly before your moving date.

What can the Professionals do to Help?

By working with a professional firm, Gallaghers Removals, moving day can be made so much easier. We can take care of the details and protect you and your property whatever the weather. Our teams can help you to organise your packing and take the steps necessary to ensure that your moving home day is as stress-free as possible.