Tips for Moving with a Pet


Moving with a pet (or several) in tow can add to the stress of an already fraught time. Most people find moving home unsettling, and of course this stress is much greater for animals. Many of us worry about how our pets will cope, not only with the logistics of the move itself, but in adapting to the new house. We hear horror stories about how pets have gone missing after a move, attempting to return to their old territory. However, with a little TLC and help from your friendly removals team, your pets should weather the storm just like you will. Here are some tips to help get your pet on the road:

1) Stick to their routines

Just like children, pets will adapt to the move if you keep things as much the same as possible. Keep their feeding times and food exactly the same, even on moving day. Let them keep the same bowl, mat and bed, even if they are scruffy and you are tempted to replace them. Try to take your dog on his usual walk but keep him on the lead for a few days at the new house. Cats need to stay indoors for a week after a move.

2) Minimising stress

Consider buying a plug in which releases comforting pheromones to your animal. Use this for a few weeks before the move, and try to install one in the new house before you move in. This will make the new house smell comforting and familiar. If possible, send your pet to a friend on moving day to minimise stress. However, if your pet is going to be with you, we recommend they stay away from the action in one secure room at each end. Your removals team will help you to keep your pet comfy and secure, and ensure all their comforting possessions are kept with them until the action is over.