Tips for Moving Your Store

You may want to move the location of your store for many reasons, be it larger premises, extra resources or a more favourable site. However, moving a business can be stressful. Your downtime will need to be minimised so as not to have an impact on your sales, the cost of a relocation may cause added pressure, and the logistics of moving stock and furniture need careful planning.


Things to Consider when Planning a Move

The first thing you might want to do is a full evaluation of your needs. Consider your move, make lists, and plan where you are going to place furniture and stock at your new location. Once you have a picture of what you would like to achieve, it will be easier to make the move.

Consider what you actually have to move. Start packing items that you don’t use regularly as soon as you can, leaving you with plenty of time for everything else. Donate or sell any equipment you no longer need, leaving you with less equipment to move.

Clearly mark your boxes as you pack, so that you can find things easily. Keep boxes for different areas together, for example, everything in your office should stay together, with boxes of stock in a separate pile.

If you are moving electrical equipment, store cables and plugs in clearly marked zip-lock bags, then tape them to the computer, printer or cash register that they came from. This will help you to set up quickly and efficiently at the new location.

Consider using a moving company such as Gallagher’s Removals. Removal companies usually take care of every aspect of moving, such as moving furniture and boxes, part-packing or even full packing of all equipment. Using a moving company takes all the pressure off you as a store owner, leaving you stress-free during your move.