Transporting Glass Objects to Your New Home

One of the major tasks that is involved in moving home it not just the packing but getting all of your belongings transported from your existing home to your new one. This can be a tiresome and laborious task, not least because of concerns over the safety of the items that are being moved. This includes fragile items such as glass objects, which can easily be damaged or broken in transit if you are not careful.

How to avoid damage to glass items being moved

In order to ensure that your glass ornaments, kitchenware and other glass items are at minimal risk of getting damaged, you need to make sure you take the right steps. This can save you a lot of damage, stress and money. Some of the steps to take include:

  • Use quality boxes: When you are packing heavier and fragile items such as glass objects, you cannot afford to just use a low quality packing box and hope for the best. It is important to invest in property packing boxes that are sturdy and fit for purpose, as this will reduce the chances of the box collapsing and your items being smashed.
  • Use bubble wrap: In order to protect each individual glass object, make sure you use plenty of bubble wrap. This will stop the glass object from getting damaged by banging against each other in transit and can also protect them in the event that they do get accidentally dropped while being packed, unpacked or moved.
  • Secure the items: You also need to ensure that the glass objects are properly secured when you are packing. Invest in proper packing tape and ensure that the bubble wrap is taped securely into place. Also, make sure that the box is properly and securely taped up.

It is also important to make sure you use a reputable moving company to transport all of your goods, as this will boost the chances of all of your items arriving safely and comes with the added bonus of being insured.