Understanding Student Accommodation

Going to university is an exciting time: the freedom, the socials, late night studying, it’s all there to be enjoyed. But knowing which accommodation to pick can be tricky. There are three main housing options during your studies, each with their own pros and cons.

Types of Accommodation

First up is university accommodation, or halls. This is generally on, or close to, the university campus. Living in halls means you’ll likely be close to the facilities including the library, and the Student’s Union. Some onsite uni accommodation is bedroom only with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities however, some also include an ensuite bathroom. 

University accommodation can be pricey and there may be rules about staying in university accommodation outside of term time so bear in mind that you might have to move out (and take all of your things with you) during the holidays.

If you’d rather live closer to the action in town, shared rented accommodation might be the best option. This can also be cheaper than university accommodation although you may have to organise your own bills (some options do include utilities in the rental price so it’s good to check when you’re working out your budget). You may want to rent a room only in a house with shared living space, or you might choose to rent a whole house with friends. This option can be a great way to make some amazing memories and have your own space. 

Private halls offer accommodation run by an external company. They may cater to one university population or may have students from several different institutions in one city. Facilities may be a little newer and nicer than the accommodation on university sites, but they retain the same uni vibe, offering benefits including social activities and staff support onsite. 

Wherever you live during your studies, you can rely on Gallaghers to offer a comprehensive and reliable service which covers all of your packing, moving and unpacking needs.