Using a Storage Unit for the First Time

What can you do if you have filled the garage and loft space but your home is still overflowing with things you simply don’t have enough space to store? Or maybe you are between properties and can’t take your own things to your temporary furnished rental place. These are just two of the many reasons why people choose to use a storage unit as a solution, which is a very wise decision.

Here we share some free tips on using a storage unit for the first time – so you can get the most out of this useful service.

Top Tips:

  • Look around at the different types of storage units available. Would you prefer a dedicated space inside a brick building or a portable container of some kind?
  • Always ask about the environment your storage unit will be situated in and about any temperature control options which are provided or accessible.
  • Check with the storage unit’s management staff about how best to pack your items to be stored, and find out if there are any special rules to follow.
  • Ask for details about the storage unit’s insurance cover – and check too if your own home content’s insurance still covers goods in storage.
  • Will you need access to your items sometimes? If you think you may do, then check how easy this is to arrange.
  • Commit yourself to clearly labelling each box packed for storage, and make sure those things you may want to retrieve are packed at the end so they can be easily found.

Gallagher’s of Newcastle, offer a section of different storage options to suit all situations, including very affordable containers and private storage rooms in various sizes if you are looking for a choice of options under one roof.

Storage is a great way to deal with a temporary or long-term need for extra space, so it pays to get the most out of it.