Using Storage Units When Selling Your Home


There can be several reasons why you might need to move your possessions out of your home. Here we look at some of the options for external storage if you don’t have anywhere else to store things.

Why Move Your Possessions?

If you are selling your home, most estate agents will advise you that it is wise to declutter in advance of any viewings. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of possessions, but it might mean putting some of them away for a while, as you go through the house selling process. You may also need somewhere to put possessions if you have already sold your home but haven’t found anywhere to move to. Or you may not be moving but making more room in your existing home or storing possessions because of a home renovation project.

Where to Put Your Possessions?

If you are selling your property or looking to store possessions because of a renovation project, then it is worth thinking about a storage room. These are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect if you don’t have a garage or loft at home in which to store things. They are also accessible if you need to get to anything you may have stored.

Alternatively, if you are moving out of your home and preparing to move into a new home then a ‘crate style’ storage solution could be the one for you. This involves moving your possessions into crates which are then sealed and stored, not to be opened again until you are in your new home. They can then be moved into your new home as they are, which means that the firm you use only has to handle your possessions twice, saving on costs and time.

As you can see, there are different options available for storage and some removals companies such as Gallagher’s Removals are able to offer a storage solution as well as a traditional removals service.