What to Consider when Moving Homes


Moving homes is an exciting time but it does come with its fair share of stress too, so it’s important to plan out as much as you can before the big day arrives. Take a look at what you can do to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Once Your Move is Confirmed

Although it’s tempting to put things off, leaving them until the last minute will just add more stress. Start by booking time off work so you can oversee the move. You should also start to pack up what you can, ensuring you throw anything unnecessary away in the process. Look into removal companies that can help get your things from point A to point B, compare prices and make sure they have the relevant insurance.

The tedious task of changing your address should be thought about a few weeks before moving homes. Take it as an opportunity to compare other utility companies before committing to your existing one in the new property. Set up a redirect service to give yourself a grace period and ensure you have changed your address with everyone needed.

Everything should be packed the day before the move, minus the items you will need that night or in the morning. Keep a separate box or suitcase for all essentials that you will need when you arrive, to prevent any frantic rummaging when you get there. Give the house one final clean and get plenty of rest for the big day.

The Day of the Move

Once everything is loaded onto the removals van, walk through the house to make sure you haven’t forgot anything. Take note of your meter readings at the new and old house to pass onto your utility providers.

It doesn’t stop when everything is unpacked. Make sure you update your details on the electoral register and register with a doctor/dentist. Then, you can finally sit back and enjoy your new home!