Why you Might Consider Moving to a Bigger Business Premises

It can be a difficult decision to relocate your business since it can be an expensive and complicated process, but if your business grows, it may be necessary to move to bigger premises.

Size & Layout

It is not uncommon for businesses to move in their first few years as they grow and expand. When starting out, small businesses clearly don’t want to commit to larger premises than they need. It may be that over time, you have taken on more staff so need more office space to accommodate them.

As your business grows you will have to consider the layout of the workspace and how it will serve the employees. You may need to accommodate team members at personal workstations or there may be a need for individual offices.


Storage can also be an issue for businesses, even office-based business require plenty of storage and retail companies which hold inventory can discover as they expand that they need a larger storage space or more secure storage facilities.

Whatever the reason for the relocation, you will want to ensure that the move causes as little disruption to your company as possible. Meticulous planning is the key to ensuring that all aspects of the relocation are taken care of.

This means carefully organising packing, changing company details on advertising and marketing materials, notifying relevant agencies and timing the move carefully so it will have the least impact on your business. For some businesses, this may mean moving over a weekend while other firms will find it more beneficial to move during the week.

Whenever you choose to make the move, it is vital to ensure that you use a reputable removal firm which can handle the transition with ease. The staff at Gallagher’s can evaluate your business needs and have years of experience, ensuring that we can meet all of your business removal requirements, ensuring the minimum amount of stress and disruption for your business move.