Tyneside Storage Services

Tyneside Storage Services

These days storage can be needed for many purposes such as the need to store the contents of your home while you search for your new dream home, during renovations or maybe your just short of space in your existing home.

Gallagher’s will always have a storage solution for you at our purpose built warehouse based in North Tyneside.

The containers are loaded directly onto our Removal trucks by fork lift truck prior to arriving at your home then our crews load your possessions directly into them, they are then sealed when full and not touched again until the day you need your possessions back or anything out of the container.

Save time and cost

This method eliminates the method to load the van, unload the van into storage, then reload the van and unload at your new home. The container method means the crew only handles your possessions twice not four times and saves on time and costs.

We can also arrange conventional storage rooms of various sizes if you prefer you goods to be stored that way and also shipping containers are available for storage also at various sites around the Newcastle area.

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