5 Silly Ways/Methods of Moving Homes

Completely not to be taken seriously but how would moving homes improve if we could use these methods! This little week blog is to give you the break down of five handy and totally ridiculous methods of making your job that bit easier, enjoy!

1. Dragons

Whether you watch Game of Thrones (Hey, three dragons is more efficient then one) or not you can’t deny that these mythical creatures would be excellent methods of transportation. All you’d have to do is strap everything to it’s back and off you g

o! No air traffic (If you avoid planes that is!) and you have the added bonus of fire blasting your enemy’s on-route!

2. Use of a Tardis

If only removal boxes were like one. Bigger on the inside and you can travel through time and space to where ever you want to live! That is if you want to handle possible hazards such as no indoor plumbing, dinosaurs, lack of technology (if you go back in the past that is). Either way it’s a genius way of moving everything whilst enjoying the company of The Doctor

3. Use of a shrink ray

Let’s face it, things would be much easier if the weight of your belongings was reduced making it easier to carry. If we could only use a shrink ray on everything then it could slip into a bag and there you go! It would put us out of a home removals job however so it’s probably best that they don’t exist.. yet.

4. Catapult

We can’t guarantee that even with copious amounts of bubble wrap that your belongings will remain in one piece but at least it will arrive quicker! Just chuck everything on including yourself and away you go.

5. Balloons

A more relaxed method of transportation similar to the movie UP where the main characters house is transported with a number of multicoloured balloons. It might not get you to your destination quickly but nor do you need to pack up your belongings. Just try and keep away from those storms.