Removals Northumberland

Northumberland Home & Business Removals Services

One of the best things about Northumberland is its history in the medieval English and Scottish Border Wars. You can even spend time exploring Alnwick Castle, which has even been used for the set for the Harry Potter series. There are many other great landmarks in Northumberland, like the National Trust sites and English Heritage venues, which are great for children and adults alike. The beaches in Northumberland also make for a great day out, and there is also loads for you to choose from. The coastlines are filled with restaurants that source fresh seafood from the North Sea. Throughout the villages there is also a great number of pubs and cafes, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat out! To summarise you will always be able to find something interesting to do and see in this area of the North East.

We believe that the worst part of moving can often be the stress that comes with it and because of this at Gallagher’s Removals we strive to reduce that stress for you. We have a variety of services to help you move in Northumberland without any interruptions.

Office Removals

As a removals business we understand that it’s not just residents who need to move but offices too. Gallaghers provide commercial moving in Northumberland on top of residential moving. We make it a top priority to ensure that as a business you don’t suffer any disruption by packing up everything so you don’t have to. This service applies to both commercial and residential moving and we can also provide a half-pack choice if you would prefer to do some packing yourself.

Stress free and Reliable Service

If you are looking for a removals company in Northumberland then you are guaranteed to get a good service from ourselves. We aim to provide you with an efficient service that causes you less stress when moving.

Gallaghers will be with you every step of your journey to ensure that your moving transit runs smoothly. We can also provide you with our storage facilities for you to use between looking for a new home or if you are just short of space. If you are keen to discuss moving within Northumberland then all you need to do is give us a call for a free quote of fill out the form on our site and send it off.