How to Save Money on your Move

Moving home is undoubtedly costly and buying a property is the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime. There are, however, ways to ensure you don’t throw your hard-earned cash away needlessly. You will probably have planned for the cost of the move well in advance, but it’s worth being aware as to how you can save small amounts of money by being organised along the way.

Manage your time effectively and be ready for your removal professionals to ensure they are not held up on the day. Your slot will have been booked to give you plenty of time, but if you linger too much, you could end up paying more. Always ensure the packing has been completed before the removal team arrives. Park the car further away so that they have ease of access and ensure you’ve disconnected all appliances, including the television, washing machine and dishwasher well in advance.

Ensure you leave a rented property as you found it

Leaving a rented property in a state of disrepair can cost you money. As well as an irate phone call from the landlord, you may also be liable if fittings have been damaged beyond repair or if the property is dirty. If you have sold the home, similarly, the buyer will want to see it in the same condition as when it was sold. A good professional team will take care moving larger items so that they do not mark floors, scuff the skirting boards or trail in mud.

Label ‘fragile’ boxes to ensure there are no breakages

We have all had the scenario when we know the item is in a box somewhere, but what box is it in? Make a list of the items you will need during the first few days, and label the boxes accordingly. Fragile items should be kept in separate boxes to ensure there are no breakages which could prove costly to replace.