Money Saving Tips

You’ve done it, you’ve found the home of your dreams and you’re getting ready to move. Whilst you’re getting excited and preparing for the move itself, it is also same time that you will have to pay the balance of your solicitor or conveyancer fees, stamp duty and potentially a removal company. With that large expenditure in the back of your mind, what can you do to save a bit of extra money before the big move?

Money Saving Ideas

Sell your stuff: As you are packing up to move, you’re likely to come across things which you no longer want. Depending on what sort of things you find to get rid of, you could get yourself a pitch at a car boot sale, or you could list some of the larger items on auction sites or local marketplaces.

Eat down your freezer: Whether or not your freezer is coming with you to the new place, you’re going to have to empty it, so get creative with what you have lurking in there. This will also save you a bit of money on food shopping in those final weeks, as you won’t have to buy for all your meals, and you shouldn’t be filling the freezer back up.

Get boxes from supermarkets: If you haven’t included a packing service from your movers, you can pick up boxes of all shapes and sizes for free from your local supermarket. They have tons of boxes that they don’t need and are always happy to hand them over to anyone who asks, some even put them on the shop floor for you to take away without needing to ask.

Just a few tips to get you started, which might spark a few ideas of your own. You might wish to carry some of these things on after you move, such as regular de-cluttering and keeping track of what’s in your freezer.