Moving Across Country

When faced with moving across country it’s difficult to know where to start. The house needs to be packed up (although you still need to be able to live there in some comfort until the day you leave), utilities companies need to be informed, and removals companies need to be chosen at the very least. As your “to do” list grows so can your stress levels. Here are our tips to make the big day a little less stressful.

Admin Jobs

It will help massively to get rid of things that you don’t use or need in the weeks or months prior to the move. Donate, throw away or sell items and you will have a lot more space, and fewer things to unpack at the other end of your journey. Inform all utilities companies, your banks, insurance providers etc, of your new address approximately two weeks before you move. Redirect your mail so that if you forget to inform anyone important you will still receive the post.

If you have children of a young age you will already know the importance of an established routine. They will be disrupted by the house move and this can cause them to act out, serving only to increase your already heightened stress levels. Try to avoid this by sticking to routines as much as possible.

Packing Tips

Ensure that you first set to one side everything that you are going to need on the day of your move and the following day, so that those items are close at hand.
To help with heavy boxes, cut holes in the sides – they can then be more easily carried. Books especially can be very heavy, so put them in roller suitcases instead of boxes to save your aching back!

Choosing a good removals company can also help moving across country – at Gallagher’s Removals we pride ourselves on providing experienced packers and removals teams to help make the move seamless and worry-free.