Moving Home before Christmas

If you are moving home before Christmas, you will need to put some action plans in place to keep you on track so that you can move into your new home.

Planning & Packing

Use a notebook and begin your action plan. First find a removal company, and the general advice is to call at least three companies for quotes and dates. Record the company’s name and contact details and who you spoke to before you make your final decision. If you are only moving a few possessions, you could move them yourself.

Look at the hire availability for trailers or van hire. Ring around and get the best quote for your dates so you can have an easy move before Christmas. If you have a large fully furnished house to pack up, now is the time to think about decluttering, as you don’t want to pay to move your clutter! Use the three-box system for items to throw away, items to donate and items to keep.

Maybe you are moving your home yourself, so why not ask some friends or family to help with the packing? Order pizza to make it a party and arm your packers with boxes, parcel-tape and marker pens.


It’s always a good idea to pack a box that you can open when you arrive, especially before Christmas when you are thinking about decorating your new home for the holidays too. This box can also contain a starter pack of essential kitchen food items and equipment.

Another essential box that you can locate easily when you arrive should contain curtains and bedding. Mark your essential ‘starter pack’ in a different colour so they are easy to locate.

Moving home before Christmas can be achieved through careful planning so you will soon be in your new home in time to put up those decorations.