Tips for Packing up Your Kitchen

Moving house is notoriously stressful but there are steps you can take to make it easier and ensure that everything arrives in one piece with minimal upheaval. The kitchen can be particularly tricky to pack up because of all the breakable crockery and small pieces with utensils and kitchen tools.

Here at Gallagher’s Removals we’ve packed up a lot of kitchens and have some tips we can share.

Pack things carefully and you’ll protect your belongings and minimise the space it takes to move and store items. Starting with small appliances, if you’ve kept the original boxes and packaging, that makes the best option for packing and transporting. Otherwise, bubble wrap is a good alternative.

Space Saving

Tackle pots and pans next and save space by filling them with other smaller items and then covering with the matching lid, put on upside down. These can be taped for extra security, before stacking them in packing boxes with packing paper between each one.

Tempting as it might be to stack plates, they have a better weight-bearing capacity and are stronger overall when placed vertically. Pack them upright, as you would put them into a dishwasher, and wrap them one by one. Dishes can be stacked however, in groups of up to four, with bubble wrap and balls of scrunched paper inside the top bowl.

Take extra care when wrapping knives and glasses. Tea towels come in useful for wrapping the stems of wine glasses.

Clean Up

Thoroughly clean the larger appliances before you try moving them – fridge, washing machine etc – and make sure that everything is dry to prevent water damage to other property. A thorough clean of the oven will prevent grease covering other possessions.

Finally, label all the boxes carefully and keep a ‘moving day essentials’ box to hand with the kettle, teabags, coffee, mugs, spoon and so forth so you don’t waste time when you arrive, and all involved are in need of a cuppa!